In this image, a person is smoking at the PuffCity tobacco near Budd Lake, NJ. Background is gray and green.
This photo shows a glass water pipe placed on a brown background. The frame is gray in color with the PuffCity logo.
A Zong glass water pipe is placed in a frame with the PuffCity logo on a gray, green, and brown background.
A black colored padded duffle bag for glass water pipe is showing in this image with green brown and white color scheme.
In this photo, a man in black shirt is enjoying bubbler glass water pipes. Background is brown and green with the PuffCity logo.
This image is showing Four colored glass water pipes are placed on a shelf in the smoke shop. One in orange, one in red, and two in blue.
The image shows a woman holding a glass water pipe with both her hands and cleaning the glass water pipe with a buubly cleaning solution.
A man holds a glass water pipe in his hand.
A hand with unique different accessories on her wrist with a black color vape with a smoky white background.
This image shows five curved bent glass water pipes with different colors on a white background.